Book - Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan (Soft Cover)

Book - Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan (Soft Cover)

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Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan is a handy prayer book for moving through challenges, emergencies, or just when you want to feel better NOW and FAST! There are 150 prayers (by topic) to help you find relief and comfort when you need it most. The book is based on the principles of A Course in Miracles with focus on the healing of thoughts and limiting beliefs, instead of traditional prayers of supplication.

For example, if you are worried about losing your home, then the traditional prayer would be something like, "Dear God, please help me to keep my home." In the Miracles in Prayer book, the prayer is more along the lines of, "Dear God, Please heal the part of my mind that ever accepted the idea that loss is possible or that You would leave me homeless. I am willing to see this differently."

When your thoughts are healed, your experiences are healed as a natural result of cause and effect. Your experiences (being the effect of your thoughts) will not appear as whole until all mis-perceptions and limiting thoughts are undone (through your invitation) and your mind is restored to peace.

With the Miracles in Prayer Book, you will:

  • Quickly reclaim your peace of mind
  • Discover why so many prayers don't seem to get answered
  • Learn specific words to target your prayers for maximum results

Excerpts from the Miracles in Prayer book:

Prayer #34 - Self Judgment & Criticism

Dear God,
I find it very challenging to see the good in myself. There is a part of my mind that seems committed to my own self sabotage. I try not to listen, but many times it feels like a losing battle. I call upon Your loving strength to support me. Please help me to heal my thoughts about myself. I’m willing to remember that I did not create myself, therefore, when I judge or deny myself… I am actually denying You and Your love. I am willing to see the light, the goodness and wholeness that You created within me. Please help me to see what You see, and love myself as You love me. I release the past and surrender it into Your loving hands. Thank You for helping me to move far beyond my limiting thoughts and back into the magnificence of what You created within me. I will not decide against You.
Thy will be done. Amen

Prayer #38 - Being a Good Receiver

Dear God,
There are times when I push away the good things that come to me, such as compliments, gifts, recognition or payments for my work. I am learning that when I deprive myself and reject what comes to me, I am denying You and refusing the abundance You are giving me. You are the Source and Giver of everything. Please help me to feel worthy of receiving, enjoying and celebrating all good things that come to me, without resistance. I choose to honor You by receiving Your gifts with unwavering joy and gratitude. Each time I receive the blessing of someone’s gift, time, money or love, I am honoring You, myself and also the Divine being who is the instrument of Your giving. The greatest thing I can do to help others is to first receive what You have given and then extend Your gifts of love and abundance into the world as I have received them. This infinite circle of receiving what You have given and then giving as we have received ensures our ever-expanding growth.
Thy will be done. Amen
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